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Patterns within the abdominal muscle wall in postnatal women

Wed 21, Dec 2016
After birth, correct abdominal muscle exercise techniques are needed to protect the recovering pelvic floor and to prevent it from further stretching: some tips and techniques for fitness professionals

Q&A: Pelvic pain

Fri 16, Dec 2016
Physiotherapists Shan Morrison and Patricia Neumann answer some common questions about pelvic pain

Managing the mother load

Thu 15, Dec 2016
You expect the sleepless nights, snotty noses, dirty nappies and supermarket meltdowns, but what about the fact you now seem to wet yourself every time you stand up, sneeze or run to catch the lights?

Feeling the squeeze

Thu 10, Nov 2016
We clean and floss our teeth everyday, yet we continue to ignore one important daily chore that can have major health repercussions.

How to exercise without wetting yourself

Thu 10, Nov 2016
Tired of wearing the same old black exercise pants to cover up embarrassing leaks? Learn what exercises can trigger incontinence and how to restore good pelvic floor health.

What NOT to do at the gym

Thu 22, Sep 2016
Sure, get fit for summer, but don’t make these seven common mistakes that can exacerbate bladder leakage.

Pelvic floor friendly exercise. No one size fits all

Fri 02, Sep 2016
The increased awareness of pelvic floor and exercise may be one of the most valuable progressions in women’s health in recent times, yet the challenge in knowing what is right for who remains.

Female triathletes at higher risk for pelvic floor disorders

Thu 01, Sep 2016
A US study has found female triathletes are at a higher risk for pelvic floor disorders, with surprising rates of incontinence

Pelvic floor muscle exercises recommended for menopausal women with osteoporosis

Fri 26, Aug 2016
New evidence shows the benefit of pelvic floor muscle exercises in menopausal women with osteoporosis... even if they don't have pelvic floor dysfunction

Waist trainers. Muscle wasters?

Thu 25, Aug 2016
Is the advertising spiel around waist trainers to be believed?

National Conference on Incontinence Scholarship Program 2016

Tue 16, Aug 2016
Applications for rural and remote registered nurses and physiotherapists to attend the national conference are now open

What it takes, is what it takes

Fri 08, Jul 2016
Marietta Mehanni reminds us of the importance of treating pelvic floor dysfunction like any other injury when exercising

Lifting the lid on bladder and bowel health

Fri 17, Jun 2016
New research shows that more than three quarters of Australians experiencing bladder leakage prefer to put up with the embarrassing problem than seek professional help, despite the fact most cases can be prevented, cured or better managed.

What's new in pelvic floor research

Wed 08, Jun 2016
Pelvic floor muscle exercises in prostate surgery recovery, Pilates for the pelvic floor and more

Core Foundations - VIC

Sun 29, May 2016
An interactive session for fitness professionals with ambassadors Marietta Mehanni and Shira Kramer

Core Foundations - QLD

Thu 26, May 2016
The popular Core Foundations workshop for fitness professionals is coming to Brisbane!

Fun, Fitness and the Pelvic Floor, Mt Isa

Tue 17, May 2016
Come along to this free information event and learn about pelvic floor safe exercises from the experts!

Re-thinking abdominal training in pregnant and postnatal women

Wed 23, Mar 2016
With as many as 2 in 3 pregnancy women experiencing some degree of abdominal separation, women's health physiotherapist Shira Kramer looks at key considerations for managing and preventing this condition

Fun, Fitness and the Pelvic Floor - Bairnsdale

Thu 25, Feb 2016
If you are at risk of pelvic floor problems, you cannot miss this free Bairnsdale event!