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Pelvic Floor First would not be possible without the support, expertise and guidance of our ambassadors.

Read on to meet our ambassadors.

Dianne Edmonds, Physiotherapist

Di EdmondsDianne Edmonds is a Physiotherapist from Western Australia, with a special interest in women's health and the pelvic floor. Dianne has dedicated much time, on a volunteer basis, to see the standard of women's health, continence and pelvic floor issues, be raised within Australia. From 2001 to 2006 she was the chairperson of Continence and Women's Health Physiotherapy Australia, and maintained the commitment to that position for six years, during which time she became involved with the Continence Foundation of Australia. Dianne also was the International Order of Physical Therapy in Women's Health representative on behalf of CWHPA from 2006 until March 2011.

She was on the initial working party for the Pelvic Floor First campaign and took over the position of Project Manager in January 2010 until June 2011. She assisted with the campaign launches at Filex in 2010 and 2011 in Sydney, and collaborated extensively with key industry leaders to ensure that both research and clinical/exercise experience was blended during the campaign to create the resources, Pelvic Floor First speakers kit, and the online courses hosted at Australian Fitness Network.   

Dianne is also the Director and founder of her own website, The Pregnancy Centre, which was developed in 1999. She is the creator of The Pregnancy and Postnatal Core Conditioning four-part course series available online at Australian Fitness Network. In her education programs and with her clients she uses the Pelvic Floor First principles and resources, helping women to make safer choices during and after pregnancy, which is now her focus. 

Dianne works as a Physiotherapist at Peel Maternity and Family Practice in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Lisa Westlake, Physiotherapist and Fitness Leader

Lisa Westlake

Lisa Westlake is a Physiotherapist and Fitness Leader and was awarded Australian Fitness Professional of the Year in 2000, the Australian Fitness Presenter in 2003 and Fitness Author of the Year in 2009. She is a highly regarded fitness instructor, a sought after national and international presenter and lectures in Melbourne and Monash University undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy courses. In 2013 Lisa was honoured by Fitness Australia’s 'Outstanding contribution to the fitness industry' award.

Her business "Physical Best" brings physiotherapy and fitness together to provide exercise programming and health and fitness events for all ages and abilities. She has a strong interest in helping girls and women achieve their "physical best" and has been designing and delivering pre and postnatal fitness and wellbeing programs for 20 years. 

Physical Best also produces DVDs and educational programs relevant to several areas of health and fitness. Lisa has authored four books, the two most recent relating to pre and post natal fitness. 

Lisa promotes health and fitness through her publications, radio segments, presentations workshops and her involvement in numerous community events.  

Marietta Mehanni, International Group Fitness Instructor and Presenter

Marietta Mehanni

Marietta Mehanni is an award winning Australian presenter with over 26 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise.

Marietta presents regularly at prestigious fitness conventions both in Australia and many countries around the world on group fitness trends and programs. She is the international Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International Oy, developing numerous education programs for instructors, as well as refining and delivering the education for all Gymstick master trainers around the world.

Marietta is a proud ambassador for the Continence Foundation of Australia and has been working closely with established women's health physiotherapists to spread the word regarding the truth about core and the importance of pelvic floor. She travels across Australia and New Zealand educating both instructors and fitness enthusiasts about what the core really is and how to exercise with appropriate consideration of the pelvic floor muscles.

Marietta is an advisor to and advocate for Classcast - an exciting platform offering instructors easy access to choreography, exercises and music. Gymstick Online was the pilot program and now serves hundreds of qualified Gymstick instructors around the world.

With many successful years of presenting in the fitness industry, Marietta has created a course for aspiring presenters offering them an opportunity to gain skills that will not only prepare them for presenting, but also help with personal development.

A highly respected program coordinator for seven various health and fitness clubs, Marietta has been featured in the Australian media for both group fitness and aqua aerobics, and is considered to be an expert in instructor training and education.

Watch Marietta's talk to consumers on how to exercise without wetting yourself.

Shira Kramer, Women's Health Physiotherapist

shira kramerBeActive Founder & Managing Director
International Fitness Presenter, Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Shira is one of Australia’s leading women’s health and fitness professionals. An experienced physiotherapist, fitness leader, presenter and business leader, she is the founder of BeActive, a successful enterprise that has consulted to over 4,000 women at various stages of their pre- and post-natal journeys. 

She is a sought after women’s health and fitness commentator appearing regularly in the media, including Expert Panelist for Cosmo Pregnancy and writes for various fitness and health magazines. Shira also designs and delivers education programs to both physiotherapists and fitness professionals on a regular basis, presenting at conferences and in university settings.

A renowned global speaker and mentor for women’s health and wellness, Shira’s passion is to keep women active in all ages and stages of life.

Watch Shira's video on how to do pelvic floor muscle exercises.