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August 2019 

  • Expert answers your pelvic floor Google searches
  • Food choices to help your pelvic floor
  • Pelvic floor-modified workout you can do at home
  • Understanding the brain and pelvic pain

April 2019

  • "The three-minute pelvic floor exercise I'm doing every day during my pregnancy"
  • Nordic walking – an alternative to running
  • Avoiding prolapse when you are working out
  • Are pelvic floor exercises and kegels the same thing?
  • How your weight impacts your pelvic floor

January 2019

  • The hypertonic pelvic floor explained
  • Netballers: switching on your pelvic floor
  • Rebounding and the pelvic floor
  • Ask the experts: National Continence Helpline

June 2017

  • Where are women getting their information?
  • Men in control... of bladder, bowel and erectile function
  • Incontinence: No laughing matter
  • Live pelvic floor ultrasound

December 2016

  • Patterns within the abdominal muscle wall in postnatal women
  • Q&A: Pelvic pain
  • #Leakface - campaign update
  • Education for fitness professionals 

September 2016

  • Pelvic floor safe exercise. No one size fits all
  • Female triathletes at higher risk for pelvic floor disorders
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises recommended for menopausal women with osteoporosis
  • Waist trainers. Muscle wasters?
  • Applications now open for nurses and physios to attend 25th National Conference on Incontinence

July 2016

  • What it takes, is what it takes
  • #leakface
  • Most Australians don't seek help for bladder leakage
  • Update from Continence Foundation

March 2016

  • Re-thinking abdominal training in pregnancy and postnatal women
  • The downside of sit-ups
  • Q&A with Marietta Mehanni
  • YouTube update

December 2015

  • Returning to exercise after children
  • How to avoid leaking while exercising
  • Pushing the limits
  • Online course

October 2015

  • How long can you plank?
  • Pelvic Floor First app
  • Kangatraining Australia
  • Courses and events

July 2015

  • Exercise modifications during pregnancy
  • Pelvic Floor First ambassador update
  • Carers Count project launch
  • Resource re-print

March 2015

  • The Abdominal Brace
  • Fitness and Health Expo 2015 - call for volunteers!
  • National Continence Helpline
  • Upcoming courses and events

October 2014

  • Should babies be used as weights while exercising?
  • Pelvic Floor first app
  • Courses and events

June 2014

  • Launch of pregnancy resources
  • World Continence Week 2014 events
  • Modifying the abdominal curl to protect your pelvic floor

March 2014

  • World Continence Week 2014
  • How to modify the plank to protect your pelvic floor
  • Pelvic Floor First app

December 2013

  • Pelvic Floor First safe-exercise app
  • Inspired by Pelvic Floor First
  • Pelvic floor awareness in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond
  • In the news

October 2013

  • Pelvc Floor First app launch
  • Pelvic floor safe exercise for aqua
  • In the news

July 2013

  • Step classes and the pelvic floor
  • Frequently asked questions
  • In the news

March 2013

  • High impact classes and the pelvic floor

December 2012

  • Barbell workouts and the pelvic floor

September 2012

  • Q&A with Pelvic Floor First ambassador Emma Boucher
  • Catch up with the Pelvic Floor First ambassadors

June 2012

  • Q&A with Pelvic Floor First ambassador Dianne Edmonds
  • 10 step guide to pelvic floor safe exercise