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Pelvic Floor First app

Pelvic Floor First is a free app to enable people at risk of or living with pelvic floor dysfunction to continue exercising without putting additional pressure on their pelvic floor.

The Pelvic Floor First app has customised workouts for people of all fitness levels and pelvic floor strengths. The wide range of exercises have been designed by a physiotherapist and fitness leader to ensure people enjoy the benefits of a total-body workout that protects their pelvic floor muscles.

App features include:

  • Instructional videos and audio
  • Detailed instructions for each exercise
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercise guide
  • Ability to save favourite exercises in personalised workouts
  • Links to useful websites to learn more about your pelvic floor

The free app is based on the Continence Foundation of Australia's Pelvic Floor First website

Download the free app

The app is available through the App Store (iOS - note when searching for the app on an iPad select "iPhone only" from the top of the screen).

To initially download the app from the App Store you will require a wireless internet connection.

Download on the App Store

View the Pelvic Floor First app online

Internet connection required. Given the comprehensive nature of the app, with video, audio and photographic instructions, data charges may apply if you view the app online.

Add the Pelvic Floor First web app to your home screen

You can also add a button to your home screen that looks just like an app icon and will launch the PelvicFloorFirst WebApp directly in Chrome or Safari (your default browser).


  • To do this, first navigate to app.pelvicfloorfirst.org.au in your browser (Chrome)
  • Then touch the overflow button (three vertical dots) and select Add to Home Screen
  • Change the suggested name to PelvicFloorFirstApp
  • Then touch Add and the site will join your other apps and widgets
  • One recommendation: you can customize the text below the icon, just touch the text inside of the Add to Home Screen box and change it up.

iOS (Apple)

You can add the online version to your home screen by following these steps:

  • Navigate to app.pelvicfloorfirst.org.au in your browser (Safari)
  • Tap the icon at the bottom of your screen with an arrow pointing up out of a box
  • When the options appear, scroll across and tap add to home screen
  • Change shortcut name to Pelvic Floor First App and save
  • Your shortcut will appear on the home screen like an app.