Wed 5, Jun 2019

Meet the Continence Champion

Bev Killick has been incorporating toilet humour in her comedy for years, but she never thought it would catch the attention of a national health organisation.

“I was wondering if I’d ever be approached to be the face of something – a product – ever. And it’s interesting that it has turned out to be this!” Bev said.

Her ‘Crummy Mummy’ comedy shows feature her personal experiences with incontinence and resonate with mums around the country, many of whom know the fear of leaking all too well.

“A lot of my stuff is around parenting now, which is just obvious. I have an interesting parenting life where I’ve been a young mother and an older mother. I’ve got 14 years between my kids so there’s a lot of fodder there,” Bev said.

Bev is open and refreshingly honest – whether it’s onstage, talking about incontinence on national TV, or with family.

“There are no taboo subjects about the body in my family. We’re all very open. I don’t want incontinence to be hidden away like a secret hush-hush thing,” Bev said.

Like many other mums out there, it took Bev a long time to realise she could do something about her ‘wee leaks’.

“I didn’t realise that there was real help out there. If you go and see a professional, like a pelvic floor physiotherapist, you can learn how to do your pelvic floor exercises properly and work through it.”

“Since I became the face of Laugh Without Leaking, the Continence Foundation has helped me to do something about my incontinence for the first time in my life. Thanks to making pelvic floor exercises part of my daily habit I can now laugh or cough or sneeze without having to go into the ‘brace’ position.”

Watch to see where and when Bev does her daily pelvic floor exercises on the Continence Foundation of Australia YouTube channel.

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