The pelvic floor

Visualise your pelvic floor and see exactly what it is, where it’s located and why it is important to train this hidden group of muscles. These 3D videos for men and women show you how the pelvic floor muscle moves and supports bladder and bowel control.


Pelvic floor muscle exercises

Pelvic Floor First ambassador, women’s health physiotherapist and fitness professional Shira Kramer shows you how to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises to help prevent incontinence and prolapse, and improve sexual function. Shira is the director of BeActive Physio, specialising in women’s health and wellbeing.

Putting your pelvic floor first

Physiotherapist, fitness instructor and Pelvic Floor First ambassador Lisa Westlake discusses the need to consider your pelvic floor health when undertaking exercise.

How to exercise without wetting yourself

Fitness guru and Pelvic Floor First ambassador Marietta Mehanni explains how to choose the best exercises to avoid urinary leakage.

What is the pelvic floor and why does it matter?

Continence and women’s health physiotherapist Julienne Moore outlines the importance and function of the pelvic floor at a Continence Foundation of Australia education forum.

Pelvic Floor Exercises Webinar Video

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