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Did you know that almost every exercise your client does affects their pelvic floor? And that some exercises can actually harm these muscles in at risk groups, leading to bladder or bowel control problems that can significantly impact their lives?

Bladder and bowel control problems affect almost 4.8 million Australians – of which 80 percent are women. As a fitness professional you are ideally placed to identify people with, or at risk of, pelvic floor problems, and support them with a pelvic floor friendlyprogram. This is particularly important for people at increased risk of pelvic floor problems.

This website provides you with information about the pelvic floor and pelvic floor friendly exercises.  You may also want to view the resource Promoting pelvic floor safe exercise.

The Continence Foundation of Australia has partnered with the Australian Fitness Network to deliver a two part online education course. For more information visit our online education page.

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The Continence Foundation of Australia is the national peak body promoting bladder
and bowel health.

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